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About Us

Refilex is a specialized and leading Software Company for Better Business Solutions. with a professional creative team having a high level of experience in designing websites, mobile apps and developing various systems with the highest quality and efficiency

With a selection of the best experts, Designers, and Developers, Refilex was able with an incredible speed to create a special and unique entity for itself among many other software companies.

Why Refilex ?

If you are looking for high-quality software services and solutions that meet all your business needs, then Refilex is your perfect choice.

Refilex offers you a full range of unique and innovative software services and solutions that you will not find in many other software companies. We believe with our hearts that the field of programming and technology is not just a profession, but rather a lofty mission to provide high-quality services and solutions for our customers.
Our goal is always to empower you with the best services and technologies to grow your business and solve all your problems to get your business done easily and quickly.

Our Services

Refilex offers you a unique and professional package of software services and solutions designed specifically to meet your activity and business needs

Our Workflow

Learn the different steps of Refilex's project flow.


Client Requirements

Listening is the first step in any successful project. You will meet with one of our project managers during this phase and be advised in defining the project's needs. You'll establish some fundamental ground rules, such as the project's goal, the sitemap, and the target audience.

Brainstorming And Competitor Analysis

The project's second phase is where we shine. We pool our resources and create a cutting-edge solution that meets your requirements. All variables are considered, including but not limited to the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals' online presence, the best sort of material to use, and how to convert your visitors into purchasers.

Solution Presentation

We'll get together again after the proposal is finished to present it and talk about it. In order to realize the project's full potential, multiple iterations may be necessary.


Our team of graphic designers begins work on the project layout once the project has been established and an agreement has been reached. Once one of the homepage alternatives is chosen, the rest of the pages are built in the same style as the homepage.


Following approval, the development phase begins. This is where we develop the project's two parts: the frontend and the backend, using the most up-to-date technologies. During this phase of the project, we use the agile paradigm to ensure that the customer is fully involved.


During this phase, we collaborate with the client and go through all of the possible scenarios that a user could go through, eliminating faults and problems as we find them. Thanks to our complimentary month of maintenance prior to the project's debut, you can be assured that your project will have the fewest possible faults.


After the project is approved, a launch date gets set. Our team will be available during and a couple of hours after the launch in case something doesn't go as planned. We use the best servers in order to ensure nothing goes wrong.


WE ARE TRUSTED BY WORLD’S LEADING COMPANIES As a demonstration of our product quality,

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