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As a strong technical partner, Refilex offers you a professional package of services and solutions at the technical and business levels, Designed to meet the needs of your business activity and achieve your strategic goals, and is based on integration, professionalism, creativity, speed of implementation and competitive prices.

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Software development services

We can help companies grow their online presence and reach their target audience as a team of experienced marketers. We analyze your website and target audience. Then we create a digital marketing plan tailored to your specific needs.

We offer a wide range of services including :


We are here to help you design and develop a unique and attractive website. We are interested in designing websites in a way that reflects the characteristics of your business and helps you achieve your goals. To ensure success and distinction, we optimize the site for search engines to ensure that your site is found quickly and easily.

Mobile Apps Design & Development

Designing and developing applications is a creative challenge that needs a distinguished Refilex team that has the experience and competence necessary to translate your ideas into reality. We design and develop applications in a style that combines aesthetics and required functions, easy to use on Android and iPhone.

Websites Hosting

on Refilex We offers you web hosting service with various price plans in a safe, fast and immediate manner, which guarantees you speed in browsing your site and gives users an enjoyable and flexible browsing experience in addition to the strength of the level of security and encryption and protection of your data.

E-Commerce Development

Refilex offers you the service of creating online stores with the latest technologies and global e-commerce platforms by providing many features such as e-commerce platforms and linking them to various payment channels, in addition to helping you study the market to reach your target customers and achieve the desired results.


At Refilex, we develop and provide a wide range of different software, whether large or small, for many institutions, companies, and public and private sectors of all disciplines and fields, which are specially designed and developed to serve the needs of the institution and solve its problems in a more efficient and effective way.

Service Security

In Refilex, we have a group of network and server security experts who work around the clock to manage, secure and protect your servers in accordance with the specifications of each server and the requirements of the hosted sites, in addition to following up on daily updates and vulnerabilities and resolving them permanently and continuously, as well as implementing maintenance procedures for databases properly.

Online Payment

Refilex provides you with integrated electronic payment solutions that allow you to integrate online payments in your store or website without any additional cost, in addition to providing flexible and diverse payment options to meet the needs of all your customers.

Consulting Services

As the technical partner to our clients, we provide effective software and technical consulting that meets the needs of your business. The team of Refilex consultants is the perfect choice that will help you make the right decisions through well-thought-out and customized plans to move your business to the top.

Dedicated Development Team

Sometimes, you need a dedicated team of software developers to bring your digital vision to life. Our dedicated software development team becomes an extension of your business, working collaboratively to deliver high-quality software solutions tailored to your unique requirements. 


In Refilex we build a culture that shared goals and values

ِcomunicate and listen to customers and explore their demands

Technical and commercial analysis of customer requirements

Determine the project budget and the duration of the steps.

Project design according to the flexible work methodology.

make a Technical and commercial analysis of customers

Technical testing of the project to ensure the quality of all project characteristics.

Launching temporary copies of the project after approval of the quality.

Project build with structured reviews and ratings by clients


Alone We Are a drop of water, together an ocean

Become an Refilex Partner to launch, Run and grow your Business Globally

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