About Us

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About Us

Refilex is a specialized and leading Software Company for Better Business Solutions. with a professional creative team having a high level of experience in designing websites, mobile apps and developing various systems with the highest quality and efficiency.

With a selection of the best experts, Designers, and Developers, Refilex was able with an incredible speed to create a special and unique entity for itself among many other software companies.

Refilex is based on four main pillars in providing its services and software solutions which are High Quality, Professionalism, Creativity, and Competitive Prices. We do not offer a service that expires once it is delivered to the customer! We only seek the customer’s full satisfaction.

We consider ourselves as success partners for our clients, which makes us take care of providing customized and precisely designed software services and solutions to achieve our clients’ goals and solve their problems with smart solutions.

We offer a wide package of high-quality services and software solutions, such as designing, developing websites, mobile apps, in addition to web hosting services. Not only that, but our services also include network solutions, servers’ security, technical support, and online payment solutions.

Our Message

We bear the responsibility of providing high-quality software services and solutions to leave a strong imprint in the world of software and technical solutions.

Our Mission

Empowering companies, enterprises, and individuals with smart and advanced software services and technical solutions based on our well-thought-out plans, aiming to develop their businesses, and solving their problems.

Our Vision

To be the best software company locally and globally, which specialized in providing innovative software and technology solutions, driven by strong confidence to provide an effective and impactful concept of digital transformation and its integration into the business.

Our Values

Quality, professionalism, creativity, transparency, and credibility are the values that we always seek to apply in all our entire business and services. These values are our guide in dealing with customers aiming to provide a unique service that leaves a strong impact and always meets our customer's needs.

Why Refilex?

If you are looking for high-quality software services and solutions that meet all your business needs, then Refilex is your perfect choice.